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Тема: A New BOOK in JULY 2007 - CAPTURED ME 109s

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    По умолчанию A New BOOK in JULY 2007 - CAPTURED ME 109s

    "CAPTURED ME109s" a New Book! July 2007

    At the end of June 2006 was edited in Poland a new book about captured Me 109 (CAPTURED ME 109s). The book is about foreign use of this well knowing fighter (since Civil War in Spain up to the period after 1945-46). Many Me 109s version were captured by the opposite side 1937-1945. Tens of such planes were implemented in flying condition into foreign service in: Spain, Poland, France, Great Britain, USA, Soviet Union, Sweden, Switzerland. The book has gathered many such short stories about these cases and was supported by many photos and many color drawing, perfectly done by Jacek (he is really master in such works).

    Shortly about authors:“Captured Me 109s” is done by two Polish authors: Jacek Jackiewicz (color drawings and illustration) and Mirosław Wawrzyński (text). Both are well know in Poland and also abroad specialist about WW II aviation and co-operate for several years in many such specific projects. Their works you may see and read in well know Polish professional modern warfare history magazines like: Militaria i Fakty and Militaria XX wieku.

    Jacek Jackiewicz is professional color side artist and he also has done many black and white drawings of many planes and vehicles (tanks, armored cars ect.). His works had been printed in over hundred publications in: Poland, England, Russia, France, Czech Republic, Japan.

    Mirosław Wawrzyński is an author of over 50 articles about military aviation (mostly printed in Poland, but also a few in France, Italy, USA) and 4 books about military aviation in 1936-1956 - mostly about WW II military aviation history.
    He is mostly focused on small air forces history (Finland, Hungary, Romanian, Belgian, Yugoslavian ect.), Soviet military aviation (VVS RKKA) and Italian military aviation (1936-1943) and on use the specific planes in other forces (like Hawker Hurricane, Junkers Ju 87, Fiat CR.42 or Me 109. He has written following books:
    1. “Regia Aeronautica 1935-1943” (co-works with Zbigniew Lalak 1998 – Polish text)
    2. “Hawker Hurricnae in Foreign Service” - Belgian, Finland, Yugoslavian (VVKJ, NOVJ) Romanian, German, Italian and Soviet Union uses - printed in 2001 (Polish text with long English summary)
    3. “Ju 87 in Foreign Service” (this is work done together with Jacek in 2005)
    4. And his last title is “CAPTURED ME 109s” (edited in June 2007).

    Some data about “CAPTURED ME 109s”:
    176 pages, 399 black and white photos, 151 color side profiles and 32 three or four views painting schemes. Soft cover, text only in English.
    Entire book is published in color.

    See more: http://www.kecay.info/

    Mirek Wawrzyński, a co-author in this nice project, :-)

    PS There are also many color sides and photos and stories about Me 109 with RED STARS, since Civil War in Spain up to the 1945.
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