In May 2007 I have edited the story: "Hurricanes with Blue Swastikas" in Militaria XX wieku no 3(18) 2007 - Poland.
All text is in Polish, captions are Polish-English. It is quite long story about FAF's 12 Hurricanes 1940-1944 (from the coming from Englad, up to the end in scrapeyard).
All has 10 pages of A-4 size, 14 b&w photos + 4 color photos of HC-452 from FAF' musueum + 5 color drawing of Hurricane I:

a) RAF N2358 "white Z", later HU457,
b) HU457,
c) HC452, "black 2",
d) HC-452 - in new, Finnish camuflage,
e) HC-452 with a fin with "black 5" of 1943.


Mirek Wawrzynski