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Тема: "Vladymir Ratkin" Text's done with D.T. Nikiszyn

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    По умолчанию "Vladymir Ratkin" Text's done with D.T. Nikiszyn

    A few years ago was edited on one Russian aviation www.side (I do not remember exactly, which one) about 2003-2004, a text done by Dymirtyj T Nikiszyn. It was the memories of Soviet pilot from 1939
    The story was edited with the support of Vladymir Ratkin (if iam right rember) - of course in Russian language.
    May someone do rember which www.side had edited it and have the link to it?


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    Администратор Ветеран Аватар для Д.Срибный
    Альфу Центавра знаете? Тамошние мы.
    С уважением,

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    По умолчанию Yes, Great Thanks

    Yes, it is that man, who I have been looking for!

    I had read this story about 3-4 years about (and have it in my files too). I was not sure about, which side have "printed it". And this side did it. Great, :-)

    It was his story.

    Now I am working on material focused on "Red Stars over Poland IX-X 1939", and already had this story, but lost main source of info about him to put in to my work's bibliography.

    Material will be edited in Poland this year, I hope.

    Thanks for the support.

    When it will be edited I of course inform you about this work.

    Mirek Wawrzyński

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