Hungarian attack on the bridge in Nikolayev 11 VIII 1941.

On 11 VIII 1941 Hungarian avaition group of 15 planes did attack in Nikolayev’s bridge spanning the River Bug. The attack was succcesfull and conection was destroyed. It had been cut off some 60.000 Soviets troops (later German PoW).

The 3 Caproni Ca.135 (each had 1.600 kg bombs) did it. They had an escord of 7 CR.42 (1/3. “Kцr бsz” Sqn) and 5 Re.2000 (from 1/2. Sqn). After attack formation was strongly contested by Soviet fighters (some sources says even 70 - too much).
Hungarian pilots flying on CR.42 claimed 5 kills (I-16s) without loss, the Re.2000 claimed next 2 kills (I-16s) for one loss (pilot KIA). The 4 next were claimed by 2 crews of Ca.135.
There was quite big air combat then.
I wonder, which Soviet IAP did fight with this group, and what was the losses among Soviets fighters?

Mirek Wawrzynski