Hungarian’s Hawks. CR.42 on the Eastern Front

There is nice information for all funs of Fiat CR.42 Falco. Maybe here,
is at least one of them. If not not problem this is about air war on eastern Front , also interesting,

Just know has been edited long material about Hungarian’s CR.42. This is about the use by Hungarian air forces (MKHL) in 1939-1944 this famous Italian biplane. Most of the text is focused about combat use on the Eastern Front in 1941. There are some duels versus I-16 and other Soviet planes.

Text has title: Hungarian Hawks. Fiat CR.42 on the Eastern Front. This is rather long story with 11 pages of A-4 texts, packed with 26 b&w photos (very nice reproduced, some photos are interesting and from the front period of 1941), 2 color sides (V-203, V.2+64).
All has been edited in Polish magazine Militaria XX wieku (all text is in Polish, under photos there are English captions).


Mirek Wawrzyński, an author

Polish title:
Mirosław Wawrzyński, Węgierskie Sokoły. Fiat CR.42 na froncie wschodnim, p. 11, (26 b&w photos, 2 colors: CR.42: V-203, V2+64, [in:] Militaria XX wieku, no 5(14)/2006.