There is such story about Polish communist group send from Viazima on 28 September 1941 to Polish terriroty occupied by Germans.

There were done on Soviet transport plane, which took off from Viazma to Poland. On the board were next person: Nowotka, Turlejski, Skoniecki, Patyński, Aleksandorwicz, Śliwa.

Shortly after take off the plane had crashed and whole secret mission was stopted for next almost 4 months.

During this crash one Polish agent was killed - Turlejski - next 3-4 were Polish were wounded.

The tramsport plane was most probably from "NKWD transport unit". It was not standard military trasport unit but unit responsible for transport Soviet agents behind enemy - German - line

In the Polish memories were given such version, that it was 4-engined "American" transport plane (?).

I think it was rather impossible, Soviet had used for such action rather American DC-3, which they had bougt a few years ago.

Maybe I am wrong (?) and this crashed plane was in fact 4-engined transport plane "made in America", bought by Aerofłot" for testing shortly before the war too.

In this case, I do not think about Soviet TB-3 or his civil version. It was quite long route and TB-3 was too slow for such night operation.

Maybe someone can help in this case


Mirek W