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Тема: WWS RKKA over Poland IX-X 1939

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    Форумчанин Форумчанин

    По умолчанию WWS RKKA over Poland IX-X 1939

    I wonder if there are new text edited in Russian concerning the use of Soviet avaitio (VVS RKKA or other branches like GVF/Aeroflot or VVS VMF, or VVS of NKVD) in air war over Poland IX-X 1939.
    I know, that there were edited in 1999 (by V. Kotielnikov) and in 2000-2001 by A. Stepanow first 2 texta in Russian aviation-historical magazines about the Soviet use air power over Poland.
    Both were aslo edited in Poland (1999 and in 2006 respectivly).

    Maybe after such long time something new had beed edited about this very small air war? Soviet had used (rather focused) the air power of about 3.300 comabt planes to support this agression (17 IX - 14 X 1939). Of course much smaller forces were in fact used during combat over Poland in this period.

    Mirek Wawrzyński form Poland

    In Poland I had edited 2 next text about this small air war (in 2003 and in 2005 too).
    You may write in Russian I can read Russian but do not write.

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    Mig вне форума
    Старожил Ветеран Аватар для Mig

    По умолчанию

    Хотя прямого отношения к ВВС РККА эта книжка не имеет, но тем не менее книга Мельтюхов Михаил Иванович
    "Советско-польские войны.
    Военно-политическое противостояние 1918—1939 гг."
    IMHO наиболее серьезное исследование на эту тему, изданное в России за последние годы: http://militera.lib.ru/research/meltyukhov2/index.html

    С уважением,

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    Форумчанин Форумчанин

    По умолчанию Mieltiuhov

    Yes, I know this book (second edition, (I have)

    The air war is shown there in quite small size, but still I do not know, how did he find the information about 6 Soviet planes lost over Poland IX-X 1939?
    No information about source about this particular figure is presented in his book?
    Quite similar information in the seocnd his book "Upuszczonnnyj szanc Stalina" - 2002.

    Anyway he maks some strange errors, when he is writing about combat in Poland in 1939. Of course, as so far, it is the most "huge" book about this topics printed in Russia.

    Mirek Wawrzyński

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