There has been edited just now in Poland my long material about: Soviet over Finland, 25-30 June 1941. All text is in Polish and has English caption under photos.
This is the first such story about Soviet air attack done over Finland and Northern part of captured Norway in June 1941. Soviet aviation in these few days had done almost 1000 combats flight (land and navy aviation), mainly over Finnish targets but also against German air force bases in Norway.
Text is supported by 23 photos + 4 color sides, and presents air action from both side. During these 6 days of air operation Soviet VVS RKKA had lost over 70 combat planes. Despite many combat flights and quite height rate of Soviet losses impact of these Soviet attacks on Finnish and Luftwaffe aviation was minimal. FAF had lost a few damaged planes after these attacks and a few next during non-combat flights. According Soviet official history it was a big success of VVS RKKA.
Soviet had officially claimed the destruction of about 130 enemy planes on airstrips and in the air. This is the quite high rate of over claiming done by Soviet military command and it is simple Soviet propaganda
Finnish and Luftwaffe units never had sustained such high rate of losses in these days. Instead the destruction of military targets much more losses were done on civil (personal and material losses among Finns).

Mirek Wawrzynski

Sowieci nad Finlandią 25-30 czerwca 1941 roku, p. 14, (23 b&w photos, 4 color sides: G.50 FA-11 of 3./LLv 26. B.239: 2xBW-352 of 2./LLv 26; D.XXI FR-116 of 1./LLv 32, [in:] Militaria XX wieku 6(15)/2006 roku. Retail price 12 PLZ - about 4 USD